Inner City Ideas Cartel Auditorium

71 Waterkant street
Cape Town City Centre
021 824 1781

Resident technician:
Charl Van Zyl (0619505490)

Managed by NVD Property and Project Management

VGA video input
16:10 WUXGA Aspect Ratio – Projector
16:9 Aspect Ratio – Side screens
Resolution: 1920 wide x 1200 high
Powerpoint presentation software
Windows PC environment

Display port to VGA adapter provided
HDMI can be facilitated by hire
Wifi by arrangement
25 mbps fibre by arrangement
DSTV dish and cabling

Additional information

Formatting of Presentations

The venue operator will provide a laptop:
*Toshiba I5 (4GB RAM) Running Windows 10 Enterprise with Microsoft Powerpoint 2016.

If your presentation is in Keynote or any other presentation software, please provide a laptop (or Macbook) with applicable software, and a VGA out converter, or a laptop with the required software can be supplied at additional expense.
We recommend that you do not format your presentation as a PDF.

You will be provided with a Presentation Clicker.
We provide one handheld wireless microphone and microphone stand.
If additional microphones are required, these can be bought in at additional cost.

Video and sound
If you have video or audio in your presentation, it is always best to embed it.
Take the presentation, and try it out on another computer to make sure all the media plays correctly.

Multiple Presentations
It is a good idea to have all of the presentations loaded into one “Master Presentation”. In other words, have all the presentations running consecutively in one file, with a Name Holder or Screen Holder separating the different presentations. This will result in a much smoother flow, and minimize waiting periods while sources are being switched.

If you have different Presenters, using Presentations in different formats, then you may either provide the computers for the additional video/presentation requirements, or these can be quoted on.

For Multiple Presentations, a stage assistant will be hired in at the clients expense, to facilitate and assist with additional tasks.

Media Testing and Dry Runs
You are welcome to email a copy of your media for testing at the Auditorium. We will take your media and do a full run through, and report on any issues that may arise. This would be charged for at the standard labour rate.
It is your responsibility to provide a hard copy of the presentation on the day of your event. (USB Stick, or external hard drive)

Social Media
If you are running a twitter campaign, we can provide a Ipad with software that can run a live twitter feed with your hashtag. This feed can run in real time, or you have the option to moderate the tweets that appear on the big screen. This is subject to venue wifi at the time of your event, please enquire for pricing.

Prompters and Confidence Monitors
We can supply camera, stage and presidential prompters for Presenters that need assistance with big or complicated scripts, please enquire for pricing.

Minimum Resolution: 720P, Preferably 1080P
Any Media / Video clips provided should be in the following digital formats : .avi / .mp4 / .mkv (.mov by arrangement)
Any large video files should be split into reasonable sizes
(Max 1GB per Clip is preferable, if your file is larger than this we can either hire in a laptop with good specs, or you can provide one with a VGA output for the screening)

Images – JPEG and equivalent, no PDF please.

Any Static Pictures / Screen Holders are to be provided in JPEG Format as follows:
1920 x 1080 or 1280 x 720 – For 57” Screens on Stage Left and Right, 1920 x 1200 for Projector. If in doubt, format to 1920 x 1200.

Venue layout and dimensions

Side View

Top View

Technical View

Stage Dimensions

Technical equipment layout

Video Layout

Audio Layout

Lighting Layout