Ettiene Smook

I’m a singer-songwriter with my feet planted squarely in the genres of folk, blues and rock n roll. On stage, however, I mostly indulge subdued grooves, punctuated by semi-technical pirouettes and bluesy flourishes. Though I’m docile on stage, I’ve had some run-ins with those brazen enough to ask for covers of Bieber songs and the like. Don’t ask me to play such things; I might have an aneurysm. I’ve played some festivals (STRAB, FORR, and Rock of the Bushveld) and many bars, opened for some rock n rollers and even had some stage time with some of them. So, if you like good old folk music with hints of blues, generous dollops of crestfallen lamentation, and can find it in yourself to revisit the romance of solemn song-writing, I’d be glad to have you pull in and buy me some wine.

I am, by nature, an over-ruminator, and therefore naturally gravitate towards folk and blues – folk for the lyrics, blues for the feel. These two genres, I believe, have delivered some powerful social commentaries and never fail to remind us of art’s true purpose – undermining the status quo and preaching empathy. It is with this in mind that I compile my playlist, and with a poignant reverie that I interpret these songs.

If you enjoy Dylan, Hendrix, Simon and Garfunkel, and generally any kind of artist that bemoans the plight of man, you might very well enjoy me.