Silent “Disco” headsets

These headsets are a great solution for situations where a venue has a curfew, or noise restrictions in place after a certain time.

We can run a sound system at a low volume for background music, and then supply headsets for any guests that want loud music and feel like dancing.


The system is modular, you need one transmitter, and then can order as many headsets as you require.

The system has a 300m range, and provides crystal clear audio over FM frequencies.

Each headset will last for up to 6 hours on one charge.

The costs involved are:

R 75 per headset / per person

R 250 per transmitter (1 per DJ)

R 500 delivery and set up fee
R 500 collection and return fee

Any headsets unaccounted for at the end of your event will be charged for at replacement value.