ICIC Auditorium and Cartel Rooftop Bar,

External Suppliers and DJ Policy:


This policy relates to all parties – the client, their event management company, event producer or PCO; staging or rental company; entertainment (bands ect) and other third party suppliers.

It is required that Atomic Events supply and operate all audio and visual equipment for events held at the venue.

In certain circumstances where Venue Management has granted prior approval, this policy may change.
In these circumstances, a full list of Suppliers and the intended equipment to be supplied must be provided, and a representative of Atomic Events must be employed at the clients expense to supervise the external technicians load in, installation, operation, strike and load out equipment.

Service Fees and Discounts

Equipment must be sourced from Atomic Events, and they will endeavor to match cheaper quotes and specific budgets (on provision of a competing quote), but in no way are they obliged to do so.

Any discount negotiated will only apply following the timely and accurate supply of information, including specifications sheets, floor plans and schedules, and full pre-payment of the estimated costs, as invoiced.

It is the policy of Venue Management that all estimated costs are to be paid, in full, prior to an event.

Generally, rehearsals prior to an actual event will incur additional equipment and labour hire.
This will be determined by the extent of the rehearsals and should be discussed with the AV Project Manager to ensure appropriate budgeting is provided.

External Suppliers and Technicians

All rigging and set ups within the venue will be performed or supervised by Atomic Events personnel.

You may choose to provide your own technical operators however, the venue requires that at least one senior technician be employed from Atomic Events for all events held on the Rooftop.

It is requested that contractors provide details of their role or involvement including the services to be provided and details of any companies subcontracted by them to provide services.

The client, or contractor is required to supply all documents and drawings relating to rigging, trussing and lighting plots, stage designs, layouts and dimensions, together with production schedules and equipment lists, 7 days prior to an event.

All external operators must be familiar with, and qualified for equipment under their control.
External contractors must adhere to the venue’s dress standards.
External contractors / operators must adhere to the house rules in relation to smoking, eating and drinking.

All staff will comply with any reasonable decision made by Management of the acceptable sound levels in the venue.

The venue is not able to supply any tools or equipment without prior arrangement.

Load in, Load out and Parking

Half Day Venue Hire – 06h00 to 14h00 or 16h00 to 00h00
Load in and load out may only be scheduled to take place during the times stipulates above.

Full Day Venue Hire – 09h00 to 00h00
Load in may begin from 09h00 and strike and load out to commence immediately post event.

Under no circumstances may any equipment be packed up the following day.
Strike and load out must commence immediately post event, unless the venue has been booked for a strike day the following day.

Parking for delivery vehicles.
There is no parking on-site for delivery vehicles.
Delivery vehicles may stop at the entrance to the venue, unload all their goods, park the delivery vehicle elsewhere, and then commence with load in.

Elevator use and access

There is one elevator that serves the building.
This is not a freight elevator, and may not be used for heavy or large goods.
All heavy and large goods are to be carried to the rooftop via the stairwell.
The elevator has a maximum load capacity of 1000kg (1 ton), but the elevator may only be loaded to a maximum of 500kg per load including any passengers.

The elevator may only be used for small and light items.

The elevator doors may not be held open for loading, please have a staff member present in the elevator holding the door open by pressing the open button whilst the lift is being loaded.

If the elevator doors are held open incorrectly, then the elevator may breakdown, and require a technician to be called out to put the elevator back into service.

Any supplier that causes the elevator to break down will be charged the call out fee for the technician to repair it.

Electrical Power Supply

1 x 20 amp 240 volt phase (3 plug points) {Aprox, 3650 watts / 3.65KVA} is available for all audio visual requirements.
3 Phase power is not available at this venue.

The venues power is wired to a DB board on the second floor of the building with no access to external suppliers.
There is critical infrastructure wired to this DB board, so only staff are allowed to access it.

Please provide a detailed list of equipment to be provided, specifying their power consumption, and total power drawn, eg, Watts AND amps, so we can assess if external power needs to be contracted.

Electrical generators may be bought in by Atomic Events to supplement the electrical requirements, but are subject to certain conditions related to placement, delivery time, collection time and total allowable noise output.

Generator options here

Maximum Output of Audio Equipment

Inside entertainment area:

2 x 15” full range speakers, not exceeding 1000 watts each.
2 x single 18” bass bins, not exceeding 1000 watt each.
5 x monitors, placed on the ground, not exceeding 1000 watts each. (Bands only)

Balcony Entertainment Area:

2 x 15” full range speakers, not exceeding 1000 watts each.
No bass bins allowed outside

Sound check and volume guidelines

ICIC is a co-working space during the week, and during business hours.
We have many tenants that conduct their business from this location, and there is an operational church situated directly behind us, and therefore we have certain limitations in place regarding sound check times, and performance volumes.
– Not applicable to ICIC Auditorium during business hours.

Volume Reduction Guidelines

Phase 1 (23h00)
Turn PA speakers down 25% (Main Speakers)
Turn bass bins down by 50%
Turn balcony speakers down 50%
Close sliding doors by dance floor

Phase 2 (24h00)
Turn PA speakers down a further 25% (Main Speakers)
Turn bass bins off
Turn balcony speakers off

Phase 3 (01h00)
Turn PA speakers down a further 25% (Main Speakers)
Background music level

These are only a guideline, and different scenarios can be employed to minimize the volume reductions required, such as orientating the Sound System and dance floor in such a way as to allow the glass sliding doors leading onto the deck to be closed after 11pm, thereby minimizing the noise emitted from the venue.


External DJ Performances

For all DJ performances (where the client is providing the DJ, or where equipment is being supplied by an external supplier or DJ) the technical set up must be as follows:

  • The DJ’s mixer output MUST be run to a sub-mixer
  • Any microphones MUST be patched to and controlled by the sub-mixer.
  • The DJ monitors volume MUST be patched to and controlled by the sub-mixer.

Sub-mixer specifications:

  • A small format analog or digital mixer with a volume control independent of the DJ mixer, that controls the master volume of the PA system.
  • The sub-mixer should have bass, mid and high EQ controls for the DJ channel.
  • The sub-mixer should have a compressor / limiter for the DJ channel.
  • The external supplier must provide a technician to operate the sub-mixer, and be available at all times during the event to reduce the volume of the PA system, at the venues request.

If these term are not met, then Atomic Events will supply a sub-mixer to place between the DJ’s output and the PA system to control the DJ’s overall volume, and this will be charged for the clients account.

Lighting considerations

Due to the electrical limitations of the venue, lighting that draws a large amount of power is not recommended.

Parcans and intelligent lighting fixtures should all be LED if possible.

Lighting pollution on adjacent buildings should be avoided.

Stage considerations

Any stage bought into the venue must have wooden base plates and rubber mats for the stage legs, to avoid damage to the venues wooden floor.

Any stage should not exceed 600mm in height, and stairs should be provided for any stage exceeding 300mm.

All stage pieces MUST be transported up the stairs, the elevator may not be used for this.


The Venue Management do not permit sponsorship of audio visual equipment and services.
However, consideration will be given for events in certain specified circumstances.
Only the Venue Managers are authorized to approve sponsorship.

Where equipment only is being sponsored, the Venue will endeavor to provide a safe and secure environment for the equipment, but will not be held liable for loss or damage.

Where equipment only is being sponsored, an Atomic Events audio visual technician will install all sponsored audio visual equipment to ensure compatibility and correct integration with the facility.
The client will be charged for this labour.

The Management reserves the right to refuse the use of any item or sponsorship as a whole that management believes will impact on the quality and / or integrity of the event.

It is the sponsors’ (or third party staging or rental company’s) responsibility to ensure the equipment is delivered to and collected from the venue at the times stipulated.

Venue A/V Supervisor + Rate

Cartel rooftop reserves the right to appoint our in-house technical representative to supervise the load in, set up, operation, strike, and load out by any external AV companies.

The venue technical representative will be charged for at an hourly rate from arrival time at the venue for load in, until the departure of the external AV company at load out.

The venue technical representative will be charged for at the following rate:
R 350 per hour for a minimum of 4 hours, from load in starts, until load out is complete.
Discount may apply for full day rates, inquire with Venue Management.