Event Liquor Licence Applications

We have extensive experience in the application of Temporary and Event Liquor Licences.

We can assist with all aspects in the compilation and submission of the application to ensure the necessary compliance with the law regarding temporary or event liquor licences.

Liquor Licences are issued at the discretion of the Western Cape Liquor Authority.

We can only assist with the compilation and submission of the application, the Western Cape Liquor Authority may deny your application for any number of reasons.

Applications must be completed and submitted to the Liquor Authority a minimum of 39 calendar days prior to the event.
Applications can take up to 7 days to compile before submission.
Actual time frame required for submission is therefore 46 days prior to event.

All documents must be completed in triplicate.
Copies must be submitted to the Designated Liquor Office (DLO) with the SAPS, one copy must go to the Municipal Manager, both of whom must stamp the copy to be delivered to The Western Cape Liquor Authority.

We can assist in all aspects of running a cash bar:

  • Event or Temporary Licence
  • Provision of Hardware – Tents, Bar Structures, Fridges
  • Sourcing and provision of bar stock
  • Point of sale solutions
  • Stock take and stock control during the event
  • Provision and management of cash float
  • Bartenders and service staff
  • Consumables like ice, glasses, shooter glasses ect.


Required Documentation:

Nomination for the appointment of a Manager in terms of section 52

  • Form 15 – Nomination of manager
  • Certified ID copy of manager
  • Proof of residence, not older than three months (Nominated Manager)
  • Affidavit – Fitness of Nominated Manager
  • Resolution from nominated managers company, nominating them as manager and allowing them to sign documents on their behalf
  • Company registration documents (company running the bar and nominating the manager)

Application for an Event Liquor Licence in terms of section 48(4)

  • Form 9 – Event liquor licence application
  • Proof of event – flyer , website or program
  • Arial view indicating distance to neighbors, schools, petrol stations
  • Detailed floorplan indicating bar area
  • Colour photographs indicating bar area, entrances, exits and storage area
  • Image of the bar structure and details of the furniture, fittings, floor, ect
  • Permission letter from venue allowing the sale of alcohol on the premises, and indicating the venue’s ERF number.
  • Affidavit – section 35 (Certified)
  • Proof of payment of application fee
  • Comprehensive written description of documents
  • ID document of person compiling the application